Skull Tap – Double Tap Controller w/Polarity w/TRS

Skull Tap - Double Tap Controller with Polarity Switches and TRSThe Double Tap Controller Skull Tap with Polarity switches has two dedicated momentary footswitches and output jacks. With the polarity toggles, you can set either switches to Normal Open or Normal Close. With the Polarity Switches set to Normal Close this would be an ideal controller for Boss RC Loop Stations. Also, you’ll be able to use other tap tempo devices with this switch or in combination with a Loop Station.

Boss RC-3/RC-2 will allow you to stop the loop with a single click, clear a phrase and to change programs up and down.

Boss RC-30 will allow you to select between track 1 and 2, turn on/off effects and change programs up and down. This item has a 3? TRS cable with right angle plugs included with this purchase.

The enclosure is a sturdy aluminum enclosure. Components are high quality Switchcraft or Neutrik jacks. Everything is hand assembled and soldered.

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