Depending on your requirements, it’s important to understand what Skull Tap will work for you. Our Skull Taps can be a great addition to the various pedals on the market for tap tempo control, as well as additional function controls for the Boss RC Loop Stations. Below are some of the common questions regarding what types of Skull Taps we offer. If there is a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

Will a Skull Tap Tempo work on any delay pedal?

For a Skull Tap Tempo to work, your delay pedal must have a Tap Tempo input. Not all delays include a tap tempo input. Some delays that include a tap tempo input would include – Boss DD-5, Boss DD-7, etc. If your pedal does not include a tap tempo jack/input, this will not work for you.


How big are these Skull Taps?

There are currently two size of Skull Taps. Single Taps are 1.5″ wide, 3.5″ long and 1.5″ tall. The Double Taps are 4.5″ wide, 2.4″ long and 1.2″ tall.


What is your return/refund policy?

We will refund the cost of the pedal (not the shipping) if you contact us or return the pedal within 2 weeks. The pedal must be in new condition for us to refund your purchase. Some exceptions are handled in rare cases.


What is the difference between Normal Open and Normal Close?

A momentary footswitch  is in a normally open state or in a normally closed state. Some units require normal open or normal close. For example, depending on your delay unit, the delay tempo could be registering when the switch is released or when pushed. If you are uncertain of what type you should get, get the Skull Tap Tempo with Polarity Switch. This will toggle between normal open or normal close. Generally, normal open will cover most devices.



What does the polarity switch do?

The Skull Taps with Polarity switches allows you to switch from Normal Open to Normal Close. Depending on the requirements of your unit you may need to change from Normal Open to Normal Close. In most cases, normal open will work just fine. We offer polarity switches on our single units as well as our double taps.


I have a Boss RC Loop Station – What will this do for me?

The Skull Tap Tempo has a few functional controls for the Boss RC Loop Stations.

Boss RC-3 Loop Station (or the older Boss RC-2 Loop Station) – The Skull Tap will shut the loop with one click. It will also control the tempo setting within the pedal. Additionally, holding down the pedal for a few seconds will clear the loop. With a Skull Tap Double Tap Control, you will be able to change the stored program (clicking will increment up and holding down the secondary footswitch will descend)

Boss RC-30 Loop Station – The Skull Tap will toggle between Track 1 and Track 2 as well as increase the program value. With a Skull Tap Double Tap Control you will have a additional functions like turning on the effects and changing programs up and down.


Is the Double Skull Tap only used for Boss RC Loop Stations?

No. You can use the Double Skull Tap to manage two separate pedals with tap tempo input. You can even use it in combination with a Boss RC Loop Station. For example, with the Double Skull Tap, you can control a Boss RC-3 Loop Station on one side and a Boss DD-7 on the other. These would have separate tap controls. If you want to control two devices with one switch, then you’ll want to look at the Skull Taps with Dual Jacks.


What does TRS Stand For?

TRS stands for Tip Ring Sleeve. These are also known as insert cables. Basically it’s a stereo plug on one end and two mono plugs on the other. These are used for the Skull Double Taps and specifically for the Boss RC Loop Station units for additional functionality


If I use a Skull Tap, will I need a TRS cable?

It depends. A standard Skull Tap for controlling Tap Tempo on various delays, you will only need a small mono 1/4″ patch cable. If you want to use the Skull Tap Double Control with a Boss RC Loop Station, then yes, you will need one. We offer our Double Skull Taps with a TRS bundled or without one.


On the double tap, where does the Tip and Ring plugs go?

The TRS Cable will have a one mono plug labeled ‘Tip’ and the other labeled ‘Ring’. The Tip will need to go first, and the ring will go into the other jack. Putting them in the wrong order will not cause a problem, but the function footswitches will be reversed.